Home Maintenance Tips

Seasonal and Monthly Items to Check Around Your Home

Here is a list of home maintenance tips. A few minutes of prevention, can save hours of repair. Be sure to check back periodically.

Exterior Steel Doors

According to a ProVia service rep, it's a good idea to use Armor All on your exterior steel door up to twice a year.
It will maintain your finish and help to protect from scuffing and marks.

Furnace Filters, Air cleaners and Humidifiers

Spring and Fall are good times to go over all the filters on your HVAC systems. Follow your MFG guidelines for maintenance. This will result in greater comfort, efficiency and life of your equipment. EX: A tenant called me in January on a VERY cold day to let me know her furnace had quit running. I opened the furnace and removed the filter which was totally blocked, put the cover on and the furnace started immediately. I can only imagine the money that could have been saved with clean filters.
Dont forget the humidifier has filters which need to be cleaned or replaced periodically.
Adding a note here.... check the whole furnace! Susanna just found a duck... yes a DUCK! in the furnace. It and several other small birds were found. They had come in thru the chimney. Perhaps we need a tip about a flue cover!

Keeping Hardwood Floors in Good Condition

Ease of maintenance is an attractive feature of hardwood flooring. Generally, you need only sweep, vacuum, and buff occasionally to keep it looking its best. Water is hardwood flooring's biggest enemy----clean up spills quickly and never damp-mop. ALWAYS follow manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning products.

Fiberglass tubs and showers

We recommend waxing your fiberglass tubs and showers twice a year with a good car wax. This will extend the life of the units, make them easier to keep clean, and keep them looking good. Another suggestion is to check the with manufacturer for any care tips they make have. Happy waxing!

Pella Windows

In Pella windows with the inside storm panel you may from time to time encounter moisture or fogging between the glass. There are tiny vents that can get clogged with bugs, which can be opened easily with a pipe cleaner. Keeping a GOOD finish on a Pella window is essential for a long life. Also... when you have condensation from seasonal changes or from your inside environment...... dry it off. It will save you many $$ in refinishing costs! Also visit www.pella.com for a great resources on the care and maintenance of your windows.

Spouting tips and roof

Spring and Fall are ideal times to check your gutters. Remove all debris and granules.... especially on a new roof ...from your spouting. Check for any damage which ice and ice back up may have caused during the winter. Look for any broken or loose shingles. If any need to be replaced, you will find the shingles used on your home in your construction "bible" (if HHH built your home!) If you replace them yourself, make sure you use ladder safety.

Garage Door

Follow the manufacturers guidelines for annual maintenance on your garage doors. Occasionally a spring can come loose. This is a job for the professional. If HHH built your home, you will find the installers contact information in your construction "bible". Periodically your batteries will need to be replaced in the keyless entry and in your remote control device.

Smoke Detector Batteries

In today's construction, smoke detectors are hardwired so many people are perplexed when they hear a very irritating chirping in their home. Your hardwired smoke detectors have battery back up which have to be maintained. Nuf said!

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